This blog contains a mix of Bandom (P!ATD, William Beckett, FOB, a little MCR & Cobra Starship), One Direction, The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Teen Wolf, LGBTQ topics, science, art, fashion and people I find attractive. There are other things, I'm sure.

As for the blog owner: I'm 26, I've got a degree in biology, and I work with 1st graders on a daily basis.

Mature content including hetero-, bi- and homo- sexual imagery will be posted.




let’s face it - you’re either a dick person or a cock person, and it’s pretty unbearable to read a fanfic with the wrong expletive describing a penis

Nah, I used to only like cock, but bandom boys have changed my mind about the word dick.  I use them pretty interchangeably now.  What’s absolutely unbearable is reading a fic using the word cum instead of come.  *shudders*

I try to use both to mix it up a bit




lord grant me the strength to accept the plot lines i cannot change

courage to continue to watch the show

and wisdom to remember i am not a member of the psychotic part  of the fandom


#as i blog through the valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no canon. For Thou art with me. Thy fanfic and thy meta, they comfort me

And we're off!


The 2014 Bandom Big Bang Challenge - Wave One - has started with a bang!

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